Fordson, The Arab American Movie about Faith, Fasting & Football

For many years Muslims took our place in American society for granted. We went to work, raised our kids, and for the most part kept quietly to ourselves. Then 9-11 happened. Since we had been so quiet and unobtrusive, we had to spend a lot of time trying to convince people who we weren’t. We weren’t radicals, we weren’t violent, we weren’t members of sleeper cells. Now, a decade after the tragic events of that autumn morning, many forward-thinking American Muslims have dedicated themselves to showing people who we are. Through community involvement and the talents of Muslim musicians, writers, artists and filmmakers we are telling our own story.

This week, AMC Theater released in select city the documentary “Fordson: Fast, Faith and Football”. Fordson follows high school football players as they strive – physically and spiritually – through the rigors of preparing for their season while fasting. The struggles and triumphs of their Dearborn, MI community reflect those of many American Muslims who strive to hold onto their faith, their heritage and their American birthright. Uncompromisingly Muslim and unquestionably American, the young people of Fordson High School show the world that Muslims are a vibrant, down-to-earth part of the American mosaic.

Many community will have chance to be a part of sharing this side of our story with the community at large.

The Kansas City Film Festival hosted this unique documentary this year. After the showing filmmaker Rashid Ghazi told the audience of 200, all decked out in bright spring clothes including many headscarves, that his goal was to allow Americans a look through all the rhetoric to the human side of Arabs and Muslims. “When you watch the Olympics, everyone hates the Russians until they do a three-minute expose on one Russian weightlifter who lost his parents and has to walk 10 miles each day to work out, even in the harsh Siberian winter… Then everyone sees our common humanity and no longer considers that guy the enemy. No one was doing that for Arab Americans. I wanted to show the reality of this community’s dedication to its kids, it’s football program, its faith and its country.”

You can view the trailer and reviews of Fordson here.

Running Time:
99 minutes

Bilal Abu-Omarah, Ail Baidoun, Hassan Houssaiky, Baquer Sayed, Fouad Zaban, Imad Fadlallah

First Time AMC Showing:
Kansas City, MO – FilmFest, Apr 2011

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5 Muslim Authors at the Plaza Library – Kansas City

Five Muslim authors, whose works represent the wide diversity of interests in the Muslim community,  met readers during this first-of-its-kind book signing event .

Come meet the authors of the following books:

Islam In The Heartland Of America by Imam Omar Hazim

The Hon. Elijah Muhammad: The Man Behind the Men by Imam Michael Saahir

Sophia’s Journal by Najiyah Diana Helwani

500 5-Minute Writing Exercises by Nadiyah Abdul-Khaliq


US Congressman Emanuel Cleaver First Visit to an Islamic Center in Kansas City, MO

Emauel Cleaver at Al-Inshirah Islamic Center

US Congressman Emauel Cleaver at Al-Inshirah Islamic Center, Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday, May 28, 2010 – Culturally Speaking, along with Success Brothers Circle, Islamic Life Mission and HateBusters, invited US Congressman Emanuel Cleaver – 5th District – to a community awareness meeting hosted by Al-Inshirah Islamic Center, 3664 Troost Ave, Kansas City, MO 64109.

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