About us

Culturally Speaking is dedicated to providing meaningful opportunities for people of different cultures and ethnicities to interact with one another.  Through online media, book clubs, poetry readings, workshops and lectures, community members can meet and begin to form bonds of respect and understanding with each other.

It is the goal of Culturally Speaking to increase awareness of Middle-Eastern cultures, religions and politics. Our main focus has been to help people understand the many cultures of Muslims and the heritage of Muslims and Arabs in the United States.

Founded by Bassam Helwani in 1991, Culturally Speaking began documenting the stories of early Arabs and Muslims in Kansas City, a story of the courage and sacrifice of many people who have come and gone and others who are still among us.  These are heroes whose legacy is unquestionably vital to the effort of establishing a vibrant community such as ours.

You can reach us at:

Culturally Speaking
PO BOX 3176
Lawrence, KS 66047
(872) 222-5524
or (816) 217-7922
email: culturallyspeaking@gmail.com
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