Human Family Reunion


Celebrating Our Diversity

May 7, 2011

HateBusters, The Lawrence Alliance and Culturally Speaking will recognize key individuals and organizations for their contributions to the Lawrence Community. Honorees include:

Longtime Lawrence resident and new police chief Tariq Khatib for his contribution to the community

Kansas state senator David Haley for his representation of district 4 in Topeka

Southwest Junior High School for helping students become world class citizens

KU Global Partners for their service to K U’s international students and Southwest Jr. High

Haskell Indian Nation University for bringing Native Americans to prominence

Centro Hispano for their resource center for Latino youth and families

The Islamic Center of Lawrence for their services to the Muslim community since 1979

KU Audio Reader for bringing the written word to life for the visually impaired

The Greater Liberty Riders for riding from Olathe, KS to Lawrence to join our Human Family Reunion.

“Nobody is born hating,” said Ed Chasteen, founder of HateBusters and host of the first Human Family Reunion in 1976. Ed longs to become a World Class Person, able to go anyplace at any time and talk to anyone about anything and feel safe.

“HateBusters fights hate in all its forms, the Lawrence Alliance appreciates and empowers diversity, Culturally Speaking provides avenues for people of different cultures and faiths to create bonds of friendship, respect and understanding,” said Bassam Helwani, Executive Director of Culturally Speaking. “At the Human Family Reunion we will honor those whose daily activities promote these goals and values. “The award ceremony will include a performances and prayers representing American Indian, Hispanic and Islamic cultures, along with other activities.

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