Profiles: Imam Yahya H. Furqan

Imam Yahya Furqan

Imam Yahya Furqan, Culturally Speaking

Imam Yahya H. Furqan, Muslim spokesman for human dignity, has joined Culturally Speaking: The Center for Cultural and Educational Exchange as Director of Religious and Social Affairs.

Imam Furqan is a Viet Nam veteran who served as a paratrooper with the 173rd Airborne Brigade, the first combat unit sent to that conflict. He was one of the first American Muslims to serve in the armed forces, serving as a combat infantryman. On September 10, 2009, US Congressman Emanuel Cleaver presented him with the Medal for Service in Viet Nam. It was an official welcome home on the lawn of the Truman Presidential Library.
In 1981 Imam Yahya Furqan was handpicked by Imam W.D. Muhammad to head the Muslim community in Kansas City.

Imam Yahya Furqan

50 Top Most Influential Black Men in Kansas City

50 Top Most Influential Black Men in Kansas City

Prior to that he had served as the Imam in Topeka and was a founding board member of Inter-Faith of Topeka. In 1983, the Kansas City Globe named him one of the 50 Top Most Influential Black Men in Kansas City. He spoke before the Human Relations Commission of Kansas City on the subject of racism in religion and was awarded a Proclamation from the City of Kansas City by Mayor Richard Berkley for his religious and civic service.

Imam Furqan has been a Fellow of the William Jewell College Ethnic Activities Center of Mid-America since 1983 and is a founding member of Hatebusters, where he currently chairs the Faith Committee for Hatebusters’ “Human Family Reunion.” He was an advisor and chairman of the Faith Committee for Ed Chasteen’s 5,000-mile “Spirit Trail-Trek Across America” – From Disney World in Florida to Disneyland and in California.

With Ed Chasteen, Talib-ud-Din Ansari, and wife

With Ed Chasteen, Talib-ud-Din Ansari, and Sister Furqan (Imam Yahya's wife)

During his tenure in Kansas City, Imam Furqan has been the chairman of the Heart of America Council of Imams, Director of the Sister Clara Mohammed School, a member of the National Council of Imams for the American Muslim Mission and the CEO/Founder of Islamic Life Mission.

Imam Furqan encourages interfaith dialogue and is currently working on projects of youth empowerment in underprivileged urban neighborhoods. He believes in building strong bridges among all civic and religious organizations and strongly supports efforts to uplift individuals and their communities.

We believe that Imam Furqan will be a great asset to Culturally Speaking’s efforts to promote positive interactions between people of all faiths and cultures.

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